About Us

About us

Number One Holding Co., Ltd. imports and exports concrete sleepers, rail, fasteners, turnout, turnout bearer, concrete level crossing, rubber level crossing, Thermit welding, Flashbutt welding, ultrasonic testing, distressing, railway equipments, signaling & telecommunication, fire extinguisher,

truck, hi-rail, refurbish turnout, locomotives, passenger coaches, freight wagon, refurbish, locomotives, leasing locomotive, project consultants & management, private group tour and hotel & resorts both inbound & outbound.

Number One Holding Co., Ltd. a limited company duly incorporated and existing under the laws of Thailand, having office located at 24 Sukhothai Soi 1, Suanjitladda, Dusit 10300 Thailand. Registration number is 0105552012380.


Number One Holding Co., Ltd. is the representative of many products in Thailand and South East Asia as detail follows :

1. Company : Portec Rail Products Inc. USA
Product : The range of railway products manufactured by the Railway
Region : Thailand,Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia.
Maintenance Products (RMP)

2. Company : Anshan Zizhu Material Co., Ltd, PR. China
Product : Rail and railway products
Region : Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

3. Company : Tulomsus ,Turkey
Product : Locomotive and engines for locomotives
Region : Thailand

4. Company : Cangzhou Huayu Tielu Qicai Co., Ltd, PR. China
Product : Fastener
Region : Thailand, Laos ,Myanmar and Cambodia.

5. Company : Thaipicon and Industry Co.,Ltd.
Product : Concrete Sleeper and Level Crossing
Region : Every countries in the globe